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Free Solar Lease Calculator

Explore Solar Savings: Zero Down, No Lender Fees, Loan-Free, Interest-Free, and Hassle-Free Experience!

Top 3 Reasons Why Leasing is Better Than Buying SOLAR!

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Solar Lenders charge lending fees of 33%-55% when you finance solar.

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Roughly 92% of solar clients do not receive the federal tax credits

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Sales reps dictate the price on purchase transactions. 

How Can I Afford Solar?

We'll assist you at every stage! With the Green Lease program, we can connect you to solar without any upfront costs!

5 reasons why our green lease program is better than any other lease program in the market!

1. Our lease program offers a locked price for 5 years! Other lease programs begin adjusting in year 2 of the lease.

2. No credit score requirement to qualify for our program! Just need to be current on auto and home loans.

3. The lease payment is JUST 1.2% of the system size.

4. We can offer 10-11 cents per KWhr for any size system.

5. We can offer THREE 10KW Batteries for $99 per month. ( January Only )

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TEXAS ELECTRICITY COSTS ARE ON THE RISE Accurate Roof Systems can help lower electricity costs
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